What’s one of the biggest sacrifices you had to make to further your artistry?

One of the biggest sacrifices has been sacrificing comfort to reach the next level in artistry. I’ve been in L.A. 2 years now and one of the hardest things I had to do was leave my home, New Orleans. I knew if I would’ve stayed I would’ve eventually been fine and lived comfortably.

But I saw something bigger and in order to reach what I felt has been pulling me creatively, I had to be uncomfortable for a season. With your back against the wall is where find out how strong you are.

What’s something you feel that music brings to the world, other than entertainment?

I’ve always thought music was one of the most powerful things in the world. Art in general honestly. Before being a songwriter, I was a worship leader at a church back home for a period.

I’ll never forget going to prisons and singing for services we  would hold for the inmates. Watching the walls of resentment they built up against the world  fall emotionally. Seeing that first hand tripped me out. 

What’s something you practice the most for your songwriting? 

Trying to practice listening more. Been tapping back in to oldies. Studying Paul Simon, Rod Temperton, James Fauntleroy and Pharrell. Always trying to be a student.

What do you hope to add to the world through your music? 

I just hope to elevate any room or world I’m blessed to be in. My mission for all that i do is to serve people through my gifts.

I believe that’s what makes artist special. How did your music change the narrative of someone’s life? That’s what I’m striving for. To be great silently.

What habits, routines or tips do you follow to keep you creatively inspired? 

Every morning I try to get up and pray. Asking God to keep me inspired and growing. Be thankful for what I’ve been through and my story. Never forgetting where I come from.


Josęf Lamercier for 0106. Los Angeles, CA. 2021.+