0106. is a Los Angeles-based clothing brand created by musicians and visual artists. Our clothing combines classic sportswear design with visual references from modern art. For us sportswear symbolizes a dedication to craft and growth. Every form of artistry requires consistent practice and commitment to growing as a person, and as an artist. Being musicians and visual artists ourselves, we derive inspiration from from all forms of modern art. 

Our brand represents the value that art adds to society. In 2011 a group of musicians and visual artists met in a dorm room and spawned a creative community; that dorm room number was 0106. While based in Los Angeles, our goal is to connect and inspire musicians and visual artists worldwide. We celebrate today’s musicians and visual artists, while acknowledging the history of these creative cultures.  

“Always Adding” means consistently improving your craft, while adding value to the world through your natural abilities. It also means that nothing is actually new, just a progressive form of the past.

It’s important to realize and accept that no single person can change the world on their own. Each of us has a role to play, and no single person is responsible for everything. Understand the value you add to the world, improve your craft as much as possible, and support others doing the same. 

You don't have to save the world, just add to it. Tap here for more info